Blackbird Leather Posts

An ancient vessel to drink the ales and mead of the old, this was a gift I made for a dear friend who is an avid ale drinker. Made from bark tanned leather and coated in melted bees wax to make it watertight. A bottle of ale fills it perfectly to the brim, and keeps the liquid cool and so…

A commission made for a photographer in 2016. Camera harness with flash battery pouches and SD card pouch – Made with Oak bark tanned leather from J. F. Baker, with brass buckles and stainless steel snap shackles, hand stitched with waxed linen threads.

Gentlemens belt, leather from the tanneries of J. F. Baker in Devon (tanned using oak bark). Riveted and hand stitched with waxed saddle thread.

Made for my niece at 6 months old. Hand stitched, with wax linen threads. Made using reclaimed leather from an upholsterer, and lined with locally sourced Dartmoor whiteface sheeps wool.